Thank you family and community, Seth Fox

May 22, 2020


Dear Mom,


There is no one in this world that I value more. Your wisdom and opinion even if I don’t like it, is valued more than my own. I may be annoying and troubling at times but I would never try and ruin our relationship, even if it would slope near that point; which it hasn’t before and hopefully never will. Through all the things you’ve had to deal with raising me and my little brother alone, I can’t thank you or repay you, but I’ll always love you. 


I feel incredibly grateful to have you as my Mom.when I think of you, so many memories come to mind, memories that will live in my head and my heart for a lifetime. The things I remember from the beginning is that you were always there for me no matter the circumstances, no matter how bad my mood, and no matter the time I needed you. Even when I lived away from you this past year, I never felt far from you because I knew in a moment’s notice you would get in your car and drive from Dallas, just to make sure I was okay if you felt otherwise.

You have set a high standard for yourself just to make sure that I and my little brother could have something to look up to. You work to jobs to put food on the table and still make sure that we keep our heads high and our moral compass pointing straight. This letter may be for school, but it is a true account of my thoughts and appreciation for you.


Love your son, 

Seth Fox

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