Thank you family and community, Macy Browning

Dear Dad, 


Thank you for always pushing me to become a better version of myself. Every day I try harder to make you proud and to be more confident in myself because I know that is what you want for me. Ever since I was a little girl I have always looked up to you, and as I grew older I came to a realization that all you have ever wanted was the best for me. 


Without you, I probably wouldn’t know how to tie my shoes or ride a bike. You held me as I cried the day I was born and in that very moment you figured out you have a long life ahead of teaching me life lessons that I will take with me into adulthood. Though I have grown older, you are still and always will be my one true love. You work daily to provide for me as well as our family and I’m so thankful to have a dad like you. 


Thank you for the long talks at the kitchen table, with each “you’ll look back on this when you get older”. I never knew how that saying would soon become a reality. There are so many days where I cry thinking of ever having to live without you or mom. But I thank God every night before I fall asleep that he gave me the most genuine, kind-hearted, selfless dad like you. There is nothing in this world that you haven’t done for me. You have taught me how to love myself, and never give up but to only keep going. When I become older and get married, if I find a man that resembles you, I will know in that moment that he is the one! I love you till eternity. 


Thank you, Dad.