Thank you staff, Reilly Sanders

Dear Mrs. Amanda,


When I moved to West Hardin in September, I did not have any idea how many changes would soon be coming my way. Classes were different, the people, the routine, and even the environment. While I attended school at Hardin High School prior to moving, I faced bad depression. I could be surrounded by people and still felt alone. I needed something different, and moving to West Hardin changed it all for me. 


I’ve always known people from the West Hardin community but actually became closer to everyone after losing Garrett and Caringtin. From the day it happened, everyone was there for everyone. Everyone cared, and anyone would do anything to help you through a hard time. Once I started going to school there, I knew it was where I belonged. 


From the day I started, Mrs. Amanda took me right under her wing. She showed me where to go and helped with any question I had. Not only did she do all these things to help me and my new classmates, she was also a friend. Mrs. Amanda probably listened to many more pointless rants than she should have, but she never got tired of it or made me stop. She would remind me that things would quickly blow over and that in a few short months I would be out of high school and in my own world. No matter how hard it may have been for me to accept something, she never hesitated to wrap me up and hug me. If I was even having the slightest bad day and, even if my day was good she would still wrap me up and give me a hug. She never left my side and helped me become a happier person. I knew if I had nothing to look forward to that day, that Mrs. Amanda would be there. 


So Mrs. Amanda, Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the talks, all of the advice, and all of the days we really just sat and laughed because you knew above all that I needed it. You changed my mentality about more things than you may realize. Thank you and God Bless