Thank you staff, Hayden Powell

Dear Mr.Phil Love,


I have known you ever since I was in elementary. I picked you out of all the other staff at West Hardin because you are a very special person and I think everyone should know that. I admire you as a person. Seeing you as I grew up at West Hardin I learned that you’re a very kind and down to earth person. You have so much respect for others and are always putting a smile on everyone’s face when you walk in a room.


I wanna thank you for being the great person you are and I’m so thankful I have been able to meet such a great person. I will forever treasure the memories of you always making us laugh and you always singing a song out loud like nobody was around.


It takes a special person to always be happy like you and to be able to make everyone else around you happy as you do. You have been at West Hardin as long as I can remember and you can tell you love your job there because you love the students there. You are a wonderful person Mr.Phil and you touch many lives of the people that get to meet you. I respect you so much of the person you are and how you treat others.“And the second is like, namely this, Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself, There is none other commandment greater than these” – Mark 12:31.


Again, thank you for being the great person you are and showing everyone such kindness and love. You are a role model to me and to many others and I wish more people could get the chance to meet you. Kindness is rare in this world today, but it is very important to me because I love everyone and want the best for everyone. Thank you for all the amazing memories as I grew up at West Hardin and I will never forget you.



  Hayden Powell