Thank you, Kaylee Wortham

Dear Coach Ellis,


I chose you to write a thank you letter too because since the first day we made a strong connection. You made a promise to always be there for us and you stuck to that. Every day you put aside whatever you were going through to hear us out and to hear us complain about Lord knows what. Our team grew closer to you and not only that, but the team in itself grew closer because we felt safe and comfortable with each other. 

I want to say thank you for the endless trips to games with the horrible choice of your music, and occasionally letting us choose our sappy girly music and you not complaining about it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard you mention once or twice that our singing is horrible, but we didn’t care we were having fun, making memories. You never once put us down for anything, sports-wise or if we just needed advice. You were always there even if you were busy grading papers or running up and down the halls, literally because your walk is the speed of a sprint, but still, you’d always stop in your tracks if you saw me or anybody else with our heads down, not having a good day. Your personality would light up the gym or any room you were in coach because no matter what you were going through, you would find something to laugh about or joke about. 

Don’t get me wrong you’ve had your bad days, the sprints you’ve made us run could vouch for that… but I honestly can say I wouldn’t want to spend my last year with another basketball coach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me and the team.



Kaylee Wortham “dub”