Thank you staff, Adam Gilliland

Dear  James Merrifield, 


  Not only have you been my ag teacher you have also been a great mentor. From all the late nights at the shop to the countless trailer shows all over the place, you have always been there to give me confidence that whatever we were doing we were the best and nothing less. You have guided me through my high school years to be the person I am today. Even though we have had some rough times, you have always pushed me to try my hardest and use my skills to the best of my capability. I wouldn’t be going to the places I’m going and doing the things I’m doing without your help. You have inspired me to give 110% effort into whatever I’m doing because if you’re going to do it– better make it count. I will carry the things that you have taught me wherever I go always. Thank you for being one of the biggest role models in my life.