“Crew’sin” Out

Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

       Jim Crews is a teacher who has taught at 7 different schools, spent 28 years teaching, and 8 of 

those years he has spent at West Hardin. This year is his last year teaching since he plans on retiring.

      “I had always wanted to be a teacher from the time I started school myself,” Crews said.

       Crews didn’t just become a teacher simply to educate students.

      “I became a teacher so that I could help shape the future,” Crews said.

      Crews’s teaching career was difficult in the beginning.

     “My first year teaching was the hardest of all because I was learning the ropes. It got much easier as time went on,” Crews said.

      Crews continued teaching over the years because of his goal to make a positive impact on students.

      “The same thing that got me started to begin with. I like being there to help kids grow,” Crews said.

        For Crews, the best part of his teaching career wasn’t just about teaching.

      “Being able to see kids successfully grow into young adults and leaders of their community,” Crews said.

       When Crews is retired, he won’t only miss teaching.

     “I will miss being around fellow teachers and kids the most,” Crews said.

    Crews already knows what he’ll be doing during his retirement.

    “I plan on playing a lot of golf and doing a little fishing,” Crews said.