Late starts, prevent drowsy driving

Kaleb Hutton

Getting enough sleep on school days for students is a big issue, and starting school later could fix it. Kids need more sleep on school days. Students are tired in the morning because they have to wake up early every day for school, and some stay up late doing homework sometimes so it would be difficult for them to wake up early in the morning for school.

According to the article on, kids in middle school or high school that don’t get enough sleep are overweight or suffer from depression. They also are shown to be more likely to drink, smoke, use tobacco, drugs, and perform badly in school.

There are articles on that prove that kids who get more sleep are happier and healthier. When kids hit puberty, it is their natural instinct to go to sleep later and wake up later. Schools should start later so students can do better in class.

Additionally driving while tired causes over 100,000 car accidents a year. If a teen is driving drowsy, it is unsafe for them and the people around them. They are at high risk to get in a car accident that could hurt them or someone else. That is dangerous for the community and starting school later could prevent this.

Starting school later would benefit students and people around them greatly, and it should definitely be considered.