E. Johnson and track

Darren Dawkins , Reporter

Evan Johnson is a Freshman who has run track for 2 years now.

“I knew that I was good at long distance so I thought that I should continue so I joined track,” Freshman Evan Johnson said.

There are many reasons to run track, Evan has a couple of his own.

“I enjoy it. It gives me a way to work out and also enjoy myself I also get to travel,” Johnson said.

There are many events during track but he can’t do them all.

“I run the mile, the two-mile, and the 300-meter hurdle,” Johnson said.

Everyone has their own special run.

“My favorite run would be the mile or maybe the two-mile,” Johnson said.

There are many cool things that happen during track meets. Sometimes there are things that you would never forget.

“My favorite moment would be when I’m on the last 100 or 200 of the mile when you kind of go numb in your legs and it doesn’t really matter what happens you just run as fast as you can,” Johnson said.

There are many challenges during track.

“I used to get first and second in the long-distance runs in middle school but now that I’m in high school I’m a new kid and I’m going to be going up against people that have been playing longer and have more experience running,” Johnson said.