The Librarian

Evan Johnson, Community, Information and Agricultural Editor

Charlene Zwahr has been the school’s librarian for 14 years.

She most enjoys, “helping kids find their favorite books to read especially kids that don’t usually like to read; it’s exciting to find books that they enjoy and they get a love for reading from that,” Zwahr said.

There are new books as well as a few in series that some may be looking forward to.

“We have the new Last Dragon Chronicles as well as the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a new Amulet book, and a new Rick Riordan series,” Zwahr said.

According to Mrs. Zwahr, the most popular books are series books.

  “I’ve redone the elementary library and reorganized the books and put them into baskets so it’s easier to find series and other books that they like so they tend to like that more because if they find a book they like to read there is more to read,” Zwahr said.

Series have proven themselves to be popular among the second graders.

“I love reading the Amulet series,” Second-Grader Jerry Shane said.

Though the type of series varies for every person.

“The dogman series is my favorite,” Aaron Hoke said.

The library also teaches kids to achieve their goals with the AR program.

“I like to check out AR books to collect points. I have 25 points,” Second Grader Mason Gannon said.