Safety, rules!

Trinity Duke , Reporter

Safety rules/laws are important because they protect us. What happens when safety rules are not obeyed? When safety rules are not obeyed people can get hurt or in trouble. For example, if someone is at a construction site and the safety rule is to wear a hard hat and you don’t you will get in trouble but also you could be killed or badly injured. 

Is it okay to violate a safety rule? NO, it is never okay to violate a safety rule even if you don’t think the rules apply to you. You could never predict when something will fall so it is important to obey the safety rules. 

What if you injure someone who disobeyed the safety rule? You call the police and check their pulse.

While many people may find these rules to be too overbearing or unnecessary, rules are what keep our society in order. Without rules, things would become chaotic very quickly and people may get hurt. Safety rules are important for a variety of different reasons, and it’s never a bad idea to take a minute and ask yourself why these rules exist in the first place.

What are y’all doing to keep this school safe? ‘Some of the things we are doing is training what to do if we have an actual event like an active shooter or anything, like a fire, tornado or Bad weather. We are starting Stop The Bleed that will teach kids from 7th grade up where the learn how to put tourniquets on, and it doesn’t even matter if it’s at school, if you’re at home or at the mall and someone gets hurt if they trip and fall it will teach you how to put a tourniquet on real quick and I carry tourniquet on me for that reason and teach them how to do that. We have crime stoppers up and running and it’s doing great and I’m always on campus.’ said officer Lemmons 

Who is on the safety committee? “The superintendent, the board, and I want to start implementing some students on it a matter a fact there is a course that I just talked to the superintendent about its going to become available to the students, and I would like to see a criminal justice class next year that would be taught by me, and it’s not just for people who want to be in the law and you asked about the doors I have made Auxiliary locks and I have already put them on the pre-k and there screwed into the wall, I have other locks that I have already had the AG make for the Elementary in case something did go down here we could lock the doors and there not just regular locks they would literally have to shoot through the glass to get in,” Officer Lemmons said.