Drinking and driving; a real problem

Alexia Jordan, Reporter

Ms. Sheridan Lucas and Mrs. Stephanie Jordan have seen and heard of drunk driving accidents happening in our community. They would like to tell us some things they know or have experienced. 

There is always another option to do other than drink and drive.

“You should never drink and drive. The risks are not worth the outcome. There is always someone to call. Most anybody would rather get called at 3 am for a ride than wake up at 4 am with cops calling telling you your loved one has passed,” Jordan said.

Some people think they haven’t had enough when they actually have. 

“They think, ‘I’ve only had a couple. I’m not going that far’ when most accidents happen within 10 miles of your destination,” Jordan said.

People do witness accidents and it is hard to handle especially if it is a loved one.

“A close family friend was the victim in an accident. He was in a coma for several months when he came out he couldn’t do anything for himself. He had to have help with everything. I helped all the time with everything,” Jordan said.

Most people that didn’t have control get the blame.

“When the drunk person loses control of their vehicle it’s the innocent person that pays the consequences,” Jordan said.


People don’t know how to be more responsible about things.

“People growing up and realizing the consequences, and just being responsible. There are taxis, Ubers, friends, there’s always someone else to call. There’s no excuse,” Jordan said.

Drunk driving can lead to worse things than being injured.

“I don’t think it is good because it does kill some people and I think they get what is coming for them and they will go to jail,” Lucas said.

Most people can’t remember or know what they are doing.

“Because when you drink your brain goes messed up so they don’t know what they are doing but also at the same time they can know what they are doing, but I just think that it is their opinion, everyone has a different reason,” Lucas said. 

You have to be the right percentage to be illegal.

“You have to be like 0.8 in Texas but it’s different if you pass that it’s not legal at all,” Lucas said.

It is hard to lose a loved one if you do during a crash.

“I haven’t seen anyone in person but some of my family have been in it and it’s scary because you never want your family in that situation,” Lucas said.

People always get affected no matter what negative or positive.

“It doesn’t affect them positively it scares people and I’m sure everyone wants it to stop,” Lucas said.

Most people that get into accidents are minors. 

“I’m pretty sure a bunch of them are teenagers, so I’m pretty sure if teenagers are more protected and stuff that they would be okay, there just needs to be more strict laws on it,” Lucas said.