Divided we fall

Madison Hunt, Reporter

What is the United States of America? I don’t even know anymore. There is too much drama here between the Democrats and the Republicans. This country has changed and not in a good way. I usually don’t talk about politics, but this time it is different. I wish that we didn’t have two different political parties because the United States is not the same. 

On the website, “George Washington’s Mount Vernon” it says, “Washington warned the nation of political parties in his Farewell Address, published in newspapers across the country in 1796. He feared that partisanship would lead to a ‘spirit of revenge’ in which party members would not govern for the good of the people, but for power.” He warned us about this and no one listened to him. We are just separating the United States in half to me. 

The “spirit of revenge” has taken its place today in the United States, which is splitting it in half. Instead of the United States, it is like we have become the Un-united States. This causes fights everywhere we might as well just be in a war of who is better to lead the country. Does anyone ever think that some people just want peace, nothing more than that?

The United States is supposed to have freedom and liberty, yet the United States does not consist of this right now because everyone is blind by the truth of the world. Everyone is fighting for what they believe in, that’s great, but do they work together to accomplish something amazing not just in the Military, but as friends in unity to become the better person in the world.