One Act, insider point of view


An inside look at One Act practice.

Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

One act play is a play with only one act, for the past weeks the theatre team has been practicing to go to competitions. 

“It’s fun when we go to competition and performing it in front of other schools, and get to watch other schools perform,” Junior Dominik Riley said. 

Going to these competitions takes a lot of practice. 

We practice every day except Friday in class and we have practice after school from 5:30 to 8:30 on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday,” Freshman Charley Nugent said.

Practicing helps you get into the characters the students play. 

“It helps me to think about the character’s motives and think of why they are the way they are and try to find some correlation between something I’ve been through,” Sophomore Jessica Gutierrez said.  

At times, practices can be stressful but everyone working together makes it better.

“I love the group of people that I work with. They make every practice so fun and everyone is so easy to work with,” Gutierrez said. 

While the actors are upstage performing the crew backstage is looking at a different perspective.  

“Watching them backstage looks pretty strange, it’s a lot different from watching it from the audience,” Nugent said. 

The team is aiming to make it to the state meet. 

“I think with hard work we might be able to make it,” Nugent said.