Votaw-Thicket Fire Dept.

Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

Votaw-Thicket’s fire department has been around since 1977.  Votaw and Thicket have a population estimate of 893. 

“Everyone is always welcome to join our department, they would need to attend one of our monthly meetings, we meet on the first Monday of every month,” Fire Chief Bobby Love said. Once they have met the required attendance and by-laws they can be voted in.

Even though it’s volunteer, the fire department is no fun and games. 

“There is a lot to think about on scenes, that everyone is safe, what are the dangers the scene can have, making sure we have all the assets that we need,” Bobby Love said.

The community does come together when needed. 

“It has good people. They care about the community,” Jimbo Love said. 

The department has changed over the years. 


“It has gotten better for the community and has changed a lot we are more organized, have more members and better trained with better gear,” Votaw-Thicket resident Rickey Lucas said. 

The department also has a ladies auxiliary that serves the senior community a free lunch every first Tuesday of the month. 

“It’s good because they are helping the community with a hot meal that someone may not get,” Votaw Resident Mae Bird said. 

To help get better equipment and supplies for the department, there are two annual fundraisers. 

“We have our annual BBQ in August and we have a turkey shoot in November,” said Bobby Love.