Juice WRLD

Keaton Robertson, Reporter

Juice Wrld was a former American singer/songwriter that was raised in the Chicago area, he achieved a career in 2018 when his song “Lucid Dreams” made it on the billboard hot 100 charts. 

Juice Wrld has mostly blown up from his song “Lucid Dreams” as the song has gotten about 2.5 million views on youtube. 1 year later at the age of 21, Juice Wrld passed away in Chicago getting off a plane. 

There are many theories about how he died. Some say he had 70 pounds of drugs stashed in his plane and consumed multiple drugs to prevent from going to jail, some say he is not dead, most personally think he just passed from a seizure while getting off the plane. 

Some reasons that people think he is not dead is because his plane said it was heading to the Bahamas and landed there, but he died in Chicago. 

His death was a very unexpected death, a very sad one, and a very young death, many people were very upset.