A trip to London


Sam Payne, Editor-in-Chief

This past Christmas break was filled with tons of joy and excitement but the crown winners of it all were the Hunt family who took a trip to London.   

“It was pretty fun, I got to see a whole bunch of Museums and Amazing views,” Sophomore Morgan Hunt said. 

This trip took them all over the gigantic city of London, with so many sites to see and so many different things around them. 

“My favorite part was being able to be with my family, and seeing all the new things to experience,” Sophomore Madison Hunt said. 

As one can imagine going from a small town in Texas to a big city in the United Kingdom was strange. 

“It was kind of different because the population there is bigger than it is here, it was my first time to actually leave the country,” Madison Hunt said.  

Morgan and Madison did lots of sightseeing and they had different favorite moments from the trip. 

“Stonehenge because there was so much nature, and there wasn’t a big crowd of people there like there is in downtown London,” Madison said.

Morgan, however, favored a different sight. 

“My favorite place I went too was prob. Hampton Court,” Morgan said. 

Undoubtedly they had lots of fun and it was a time to remember and a trip to return may be in the near future.  

“It was fun, and it was cool to see all the history that was created there, but I would not want to be there for maybe more than 5 days, we were there for 11 days,” Madison said.