Playin’, pinnin’, performin’

Playin, pinnin, performin

Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

Every six weeks, theatre and speech and debate students have a showcase. A showcase is where everyone gets together, plays games, eats, performs, and gets rewards. This showcase the students had to build the best gingerbread house in 30 minutes. Wynter Wilson, Thomas Peek, and Jessica Gutierrez performed their prepared pieces.  After was the NSDA pinning. Cailyn Trousdale, Derrick Jackson, Evan Johnson, Quinton Whitestar, Natasha Garcia, Sheridan Lucas, and Chloe Trail got their merit pin. Kimberlann Gilley got her honor pin, Kade Brackin and Jessica Gutierrez got their excellence pin, and Eli Fowler got his distinction pin.