Let’s teach

Darren Dawkins , Reporter

Bryan Gay grew up in Woodville Texas.  

“I love Woodville, it’s a great town. It’s where most of my family is too,” Bryan said.

When growing up, Bryan went to Woodville high school and wanted to be a cop until he found out that he was good on stage and started acting. He also went to Lamar University for six years.

“I enjoyed about half of the time that I was there, but I really enjoyed my high school years,” Bryan said.

Bryan later got land in Saratoga, Texas, and his wife Casey was already working here at West Hardin so Bryan decided to start substituting. Bryan also has one kid who attends West Hardin.

“There weren’t many jobs available so I thought that I would give teaching a whirl,” Bryan said.

Bryan also enjoys many things when he is not teaching or just bored.

“I enjoy a good book, I really enjoy a good film just about anything that interests me,” Bryan said