Mid Term Opinions

Sam Payne, Editor-in-Chief

In the next week, the newly installed midterms are to be conducted at the school Dec. 17 through Dec. 19. This is the first time we have had them since their absence in the past, and because of this, it has raised many questions. 

A midterm is taking all the cumulative things that you have learned throughout the semester and putting it all in one test, and hopefully seeing that you have retained the information. I do not know why we haven’t been taking them, from what I understand we previously had them several years ago about six or seven years ago I do not know why we were not doing midterm and semester testing,” Principal Smith said. 

 While this is usual for most highschool students around this time of year but this came as a surprise for students who didn’t have them last year.

“I personally think that the midterms are a terrible idea, yes they show us our progress throughout the year but at the end of the day, they are a nuisance to both students and teachers. I mean we have gone a while without them and we have done fairly well, it’s not like a mid term is going to fix the problems at our school.,” Sophomore, Josiah Roundtree said.  

While other students didn’t mind the midterms and like to know where they are academically this school year.  

 “I believe the midterms are a good idea in general but I don’t agree with how they are making us take the test on stuff we haven’t even learned.,” Sophomore Sydney Lawson said. 

The opinions are mixed but are all generally negative towards the midterms, it is unclear how students are going to perform, but both students and teachers alike are hoping for great scores.