Middle school speech UIL

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Middle school speech UIL

Kade Brackin, Fine Arts Editor

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 8th grade Modern Oratory

Natalie Noack- 1st

8th grade Oral Reading

Peyton Soto- 1st

Arianna Parks- 3rd

7th grade Modern Oratory

Riley Blankenship- 1st

7th grade Oral Reading

Aubrey Loper- 2nd

Ava Simmons- 4th

7th grade Impromptu

Arianna Parks- 2nd

Aubrey Loper- 3rd

6th grade Oral Reading

Bailey Lamberth- 1st

6th grade Impromptu

Cheyanne Steele- 3rd

5th grade Oral Reading

Lane Simmons- 4th

Ashlynn Crisman- 6th

4th grade Oral Reading

Trista Beaty- 3rd

Reagan Bell- 6th