Freshman basketball player Sophie Enloe

Alexia Jordan, Reporter

Sophie Enloe is a freshman basketball player who has been playing for around nine years.

“I think this season will be good. We have learned multiple plays and everyone has been making an effort to get better,” Enloe said. 

Basketball is what Enloe enjoys doing.

“I like playing basketball because it’s an exciting sport. You practice with your team and then you put what you learned into the game when you play, and things can get pretty intense,” Enloe said. 

Enloe enjoys playing basketball because it improves her skills.

“My participation in this sport probably started because my mom asked me if I wanted to play and I, of course, said yes,” Enloe said.

Enloe plans on continuing playing basketball.

“I do plan on playing basketball next year since this year has been so much fun so far,” Enloe said.

Coaches are different from last year but these ones are doing better.

“The new coaches are good. I think I’ve learned a lot more plays this year thanks to them,” Enloe said.