Livin’ a ‘New Life’

Alexia Jordan, Reporter

Elizabeth Duke is a youth pastor at New Life Church in Batson, Texas.

“I have been a pastor for six years now,” Duke said.

Duke wants to make a positive impact on the youngsters’ way of life.  

“I want to be able to influence teens to be an example for them and be there for them when things get hard so they don’t give up. To help them find God and to help them become everything God wants them to be,” Duke said. 

Duke likes the church because of everyone’s affection towards others.

“I like how much we love people in every season of their life,” Duke said. 

Duke advises people to be friendly towards people even if they aren’t your friend. 

“Love them but don’t become their friend. Set boundaries and always make sure how you are living reflects God,” Duke said.

Duke admitted that the services are unique because of the people attending them. 

“You guys. Y’all are a family. Y’all watch out for one another. Even if y’all are not super close you guys will pray with each other. So I would say Youth Unity,” Duke said. 

Duke doesn’t foresee herself leaving her job in the near future.

“I do not plan on quitting any time soon,” Duke said.

Duke has been attending her church for over a decade. 

“I have been going to New Life Church for 17 years now,” Duke said. 

Duke mentioned that over time the church has built up their knowledge of God.

“We have learned more about the Grace of God,” Duke said.