Girl Scouts of America

Charley Nugent, Managing Editor

Girl Scouts of America, more commonly known simply as Girl Scouts, is a non-profit organization that is intended to encourage girls to empower themselves and build confidence, courage, compassion, and character through different activities that benefit others and the community. Some of the activities include picking up trash around your town, feeding the homeless people in your community, and sometimes different things such as camping and even traveling to different countries around the world.

I never had any question about the direction we were going in at the Girl Scouts,” Former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA Frances Hesselbein said. “Everyone was on a team; there were no superiors or subordinates. There was respect for all people.”

On March 12, 1912, the very first Girl Scout meeting was held by Juliette Gordon Low in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia with the intent of helping girls to grow and build character. Overall, a total of 18 girls attended.

My purpose… to go on with my heart and soul, devoting all my energies to Girl Scouts, and heart and hand with them, we will make our lives and the lives of the future girls happy, healthy and holy,” Juliette Gordon Low said.

Not only can Girl Scouts be enjoyable for girls, but it can also be beneficial for your future. There are awards that you can earn such as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards, The Gold award being the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. These awards, if earned, can hold great academic opportunities. Scouts who have earned these awards are likely to receive academic scholarships for college.

“At Girl Scouts, we create leaders,” former chief executive officer of the Girl Scouts of the USA, Anna Maria Chavez said.

The Girl Scouts organization holds many opportunities for girls all around the world. 

“Teach a girl the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and it can change her life. Girl Scouts opens their hearts and minds. They have aspirations they never even considered before,” leader of Troop 80943 Raushannah Ali-Perkins said.