Feeding the world

Braxton Poland , Sports Editor

Ashley Cook really enjoys helping kids in need. Helping kids really makes her happy because they get things they don’t already have.

“I heard about the food programs a few years ago, and it really pulled at my heart,” Cook said.

She has been helping the kids for about a month now. 

“Our first delivery is Nov 14, we had an overwhelming response from the community so we were able to work immediately,” Cook said. 

She has helped a lot of kids since she started sending the food. 

“We have provided food for at least 50 kids,” Cook said.

She has donors from all the way in Beaumont and a few in our community.

“We have 15 people donating,  One Church Ministry and H-E-B in Beaumont donating food and money,” Cook said. 

She really enjoys helping all the kids knowing she helped the kids feel loved makes her day. 

“Just knowing that I’m helping in some small way. Hoping that they know they can receive help,” Cook said.

There are many different ways for her to help support the kids but this can be difficult at times. 

“I can’t say it’ll always be easy. All it took this time was a couple of posts on social media and people wanted to help,” Cook said. 


In order to contact Mrs. Ashley to donate or help with her organization please call her at the number (936) 776-1260.