Jake Loftin and basketball

Alexia Jordan, Reporter

Jake Loftin is a freshman basketball player who has been playing for about eight or nine years. 

“I have been playing basketball since I was in pre-k,” Loftin said.

Basketball is what Loftin likes doing.

“Basketball is really fun to me it is my passion,” Loftin said.

Loftin enjoys playing basketball because it improves certain skills. 

“I’m good at it and it teaches you things you need to know how to do hand-eye-coordination and how to make contact with the other person if you are passing it to them,” Loftin said.

Loftin likes how his friends are on the team and how they work together. 

“I like the fact that I get to hang out with my friends on the court and interact with them it is really fun to me,” Loftin said. “We all know how to get along to make the season go back nice and easy and win some games.”

Loftin says that the boys may go a long way if they keep it up this year. 

“I think that we will do good this year after we all settle down and get comfortable with this season and I think that we could go a long way if our boys interact with one another,” Loftin said.