Newspaper; Lexi’s view

Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

Freshman Alexia Jordan is on the newspaper staff who wants to have a job related to writing in the future.

“Honestly I really love writing. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s what I want to do in the future. ” Jordan said.

Jordan thought there would be more writing on paper than digital writing.

 “I expected it to be a lot more handwriting, but as the year went on we typed more. So I thought it was supposed to be writing, but it wasn’t,” Jordan said.

Jordan plans to continue being part of the newspaper staff next year in order to improve her writing. 

“I want to become way better than I am now,” Jordan said.

According to Jordan there are multiple steps to the article writing process.

 “We find news articles. Say we’re doing like a basketball interview or whatever. You go ask a basketball person some questions and then you put it all in the interview thing and you post it on our school story page,” Jordan said.

In the future, Jordan wants to have a writing career.

“I want to become a journalist but then again not really a journalist. Like around that somewhere in a writing position,” Jordan said.

The most difficult part of the writing process for Jordan is the transitions.

“Whenever we are typing up an interview, the hardest thing is my transitions,” Jordan said.

According to Jordan, her transitions improve the more she writes.

“They are getting better as I write each story,” Jordan said.

Jordan’s favorite part of the writing process is what happens during the interview.

“My favorite part is probably interacting with people that I interview and getting to know more things about them that I don’t know,” Jordan said.

Newspaper class wasn’t as simple as Jordan expected it to be.

“I thought it was going to be kinda you know, boring but not like really boring, like kinda easy boring but then as I got into it, it was a bit harder than I imagined,” Jordan said.