Tis the season

Sophie Enloe , Copy Editor

Basketball is just around the corner, and Freshman Cailyn Trousdale is thrilled for the season to start.

“I am very excited for basketball season! Basketball season is my favorite season throughout the year. We use all of our work, and we push through every day throughout the week. So we do that, and then we get to play games,” Trousdale said.

Trousdale really enjoys playing basketball because of the contact.

“Basketball…it’s not exactly a contact sport, but you get to use contact. I just like guarding and going down and dribbling the ball. It just gives gives you this excitement, and I just get really excited,” Trousdale said.

Within the time that Trousdale has played basketball, she has accomplished many things. 

“I have been playing basketball for about seven years. I’ve gone to nationals in Little Dribblers about 4 times,” Trousdale said.

Trousdale started playing basketball because her grandpa was coaching.

“So my grandpa was coaching, and I was like sure I love my grandpa why not,” Trousdale said.

Trousdale has won many awards for playing basketball, but her real award is getting to spend time with her team.

“We got second place, we got first place one time, and another second place trophy. But you know what? My award is just being able to hang out with my team and have fun,” Trousdale said.

Trousdale plays three positions in basketball.

“I play a 3, 4, and a 5. So I can play wing and post,”

Trousdale is motivated by her teammates, and she likes to support them.

“I’m just inspired by my teammates. I love to be there just for the team,” Trousdale said.

Trousdale is confident that her team will succeed this season.

“I definitely do think our team will do well this season. We’re getting the gang back together,” Trousdale said.