Coach? Is that you?


Darren Dawkins , Reporter

 On Friday, October 18, the football team played Colmesneil at home. Colmesneil’s football coaches are Caleb Hardy, Cody Day, Trevor Morgan, and Byran Sanford who were once coaching at West Hardin except for Byran Sanford.

“I feel like they’re going to know what we are going to do because they know us really well,’’ football player Billy Messer said. 

Our football coaches this year are George Taylor, Lin Ellis, Cody Cash, and Bryan Gay.

 “I really like the new coaches and think they’re doing everything right, and they’re not totally focused on one sport. They even went out to cheer on our band at their competition last weekend and they’re actually getting involved in the school,” football Player Kade Brackin said.                      

Many students, parents, or just people in our community come out to the games and support the school.

“I enjoy how close the community is, and I like to come out to see my friends. I also enjoy seeing my friends play,’’ Freshman Quinton Whitestar said.

There were many good plays. There was a 60 yard touchdown in the 1st quarter made by Senior Keaton Castilaw. In the 2nd quarter of the game, Castilaw ran a 37 yard touchdown. Later in the 2nd quarter, Colmesneil ran for a pass but Senior Russel Payne sacked the quarterback for a loss of 10 yards.

“I think they’re focused, and the work ethics are there. They want to win,” Coach Taylor said.

 Many staff and parents helped at the game. Brittany Ridge and Brandye Loftin were working the gate. Christina Fowler, Linnie Page, Karen Moytes, Casey Trousdale, Curel Cochran, and Usa Dodson were working the concession stand. Some of our local deputies from the Hardin County Sheriff’s office even came out to watch the game and make sure that nothing went wrong. These deputies were Randy Erwin, Glenn Bailey, Will Graves, and Tom Lee.