West Hardin gets a Rose


Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

Renae Rose is a high school ELA teacher for West Hardin High School. To get to where she is now, Rose has worked very hard.

I went to Texas Lutheran for my bachelors, and I got my master’s degree from Lamar University,” Rose said.

Rose has been teaching for many years. 

“I think this is my 15th year. it depends on what you define teaching as, and this is my second year at West Hardin,” Rose said. 

So why did Rose start teaching? 

“I graduated from college early, and I spent a semester working as a literacy instructor, and I worked with people who had dropped out of high school and were trying to get their GED’s. It made me really sad to see how hard they struggled. I kinda wondered if someone could have done something to keep them from dropping out, and I decided to be that somebody,” Rose said. 

Rose has enjoyed her time at West Hardin.

“I do like it here.  it is very different. I’ve taught at bigger schools, smaller schools, I’ve taught on online schools. I’ve taught all age levels, but I really enjoy West Hardin, you guys are kinda crazy, and fun and really small,” Rose said.

Outside of teaching Rose has hobbies. 

“I love traveling. Anytime anyone asks me if I want to go to do something, the answer is always yes,” Rose said.