Disrespecting Teachers


Many students at West Hardin have no respect for their teachers. It is so bad that they are leaving because they are tired of the kids disregarding their feelings just to be cool in front of the class and their friends.

West Hardin is now having trouble finding good teachers because of this problem, and if it continues we will be left with the worst teachers the world could possibly muster, and because of this issue the kids at West Hardin aren’t learning the things that they need to get through life. I think this needs to stop so we can continue to get our education so we can get degrees and be successful in life. 

“I don’t think we really disrespected  Ms.Vardell, Mrs.Cotton, and Coach Anderson. I don’t really think the disrespect is really a problem, but if you’re talking about just general disrespect towards the teachers, I don’t think this is really a problem only at West Hardin I think this a problem at all schools, but I think it’s more of an issue of how the kids were raised, also I think the teachers should also take care of it by disciplining their students more by sending them to the office you know something like that. It just makes me really frustrated to see a student be disrespectful to a teacher because this teacher is devoting their time to your education and you feel like you have to abuse this time and just completely and totally disrespect them. I think we should have a little respect and care for the teachers that give the same to us,” Freshman Kade Brackin said.