Outdoor adventure class with Coach Cash

Evan Johnson , Community, Information and Agricultural Editor

This is Coach Cash’s first year teaching here at West Hardin. Coach Cash was given the Outdoor Adventure class at the beginning of the year. 

“I love every minute of it,” Cash said.

Right now he’s teaching his class about camping fundamentals.

“They are learning all the different types of camping and the necessities they need to bring,” Cash said.

Cash has activities planned throughout the year for his students.

“We’re going to do dutch oven cooking and a lot more activities outside,” Cash said.

Cash does have his class watch videos on YouTube.

 “I find videos on YouTube that are informational for them, and we even watch some videos on Netflix,” Cash said.

Cash does include hunting and trapping videos. 

“Mainly right now I’m having them watch fish trapping videos and squirrel trapping,” Cash said.

His students have also suggested things to do for the course.

“They want to trap their own animals right outside the school,” Cash said.