Junior: Kami

Sam Payne, Editor-in-Chief

Yet again, it is time for Homecoming this year and obviously with that comes Homecoming Court, and FFA member and Softball player Kameryn Maricelli has had the honor of making it yet again this year. 

“ Umm I was excited when I heard made it,” Maricelli said. 

Maricelli is an active member in our community which makes her getting on court no surprise. 

“I’m in FFA, I show pigs and I play softball, and I’m on the radio team too,” Maricelli said. 

Throughout her 3 years of high school, she has learned a lot and her outlook towards it all has definitely been impacted. 

“I think I have realized that it’s more important than I think. It is kinda over my eyes that I’m growing up you know,” Maricelli said.

We all have memories of highschool we will cherish forever and Maricelli has some of her own. 

 “……My most memorable moment of high school……is probably last year during homecoming when we decorated our sophomore hallway,” Maricelli said.