Hall decorating


Holden Loper , Reporter

Decorating the halls is a long-standing tradition.  Each class is assigned a section of the hall to decorate.  This year, each class chose a movie to use as the theme for their hallway decorations.

The seniors chose to go stylish by decorating their section of the hall using “That 70’s Show” as their theme,  The hall was decorated using a large selection of colors. They had a disco ball with lights to light up the room, paper plates with all the seniors’ names to make it interesting and records hanging from the ceiling.

The juniors chose to make their hallway Alice and the Wonderland themed. They decorated their hall by putting out a table with many teacups like a tea party and putting colored paper on the floor in a checkered pattern. They also  put up the juniors name and put playing cards on each of the lockers in their section.

For Homecoming the sophomores chose to go classic with a Grease theme. They started by putting in an old classic record player; then they put records all over the wall. Also on the wall they put up decorations to make an entrance to a dinner. 

The Freshman decided to decorate their hall as the movie, The Jungle Book. They decorated it by putting trees on top of lockers and putting up a famous quote from the movie. They also painted a tree and put hand prints as the leaves.