West Hardin history

Sheridan Lucas , Reporter

West Hardin CCISD has been teaching students for many years. Over the years, there have been many changes. 

“Part of it looked like it did now and part of it looks different, for example, the main building when you come through the front, part of it looks the same. Except for the band hall that was added to the west wing,  and the science building which was added to the east wing, along with the new cafeteria,” Retired Educator Danny Atkinson said.

Not only has the building changed, but the tools we use have as well.  

“Technology is more in the front now. We didn’t have all that technology. The only technology we had were typewriters and adding machines,” said Atkinson 

Sports on the other hand have been almost the same. 

“The sports available for the girls were only basketball and volleyball, and for the boys football, basketball, and track,”said Atkinson. “They were good, exciting and fun,” 7th and 8th grade  ELA Teacher Teresa Hughes said.

Luxuries such as air conditioning were not always available at West Hardin. 

“We didn’t have air conditioning, it wasn’t until the second or third year, and we cooled the school by fans, that we put in the classroom. The only thing we had until then were to raise the windows and the draft from the windows would blow students papers of the desk and make it difficult,” Atkinson said.

Will there be changes in the future? 

“Well I don’t know if it will change much, unless the funding base for the school doesn’t meet the state’s needs. We are to be forced to consolidate with other schools, but that would be lack of funding, if it happens,” said Atkinson. 

Hughes has a few wishes for the future development of the school.