Senior Adam Gilliland is one of the four boys representing the senior class on the 2019-2020 Homecoming Court.   This is his first year on Homecoming Court.  “I was like, wow this is pretty cool cause I’ve never really tried to be on homecoming court before. You know the first time I’ve ever tried my senior year. It was pretty cool actually being able to be on it,” Gilliland said.  Adam plays two sports and competes in ag events. “I play baseball that's about the only sport,...

Sheridan Lucas, Community, Information and Agricultural Reporter

Lance Mosley along with seven other students will be representing the senior class at  homecoming.  “My first thought, I was just excited because I wanted to get on for senior year,” Mosley said.  Lucky for Mosley,  this isn’t his first year being on Court.  “This would be my second time, my freshman year was my first,” Mosley said.  Mosley is also involved with a few after school activities.  “ Football, basketball, and maybe baseball this year, I’m not sure,”...

Senior: Payton

Charley Nugent, Managing Editor

West Hardin’s Homecoming is just around the corner, and for some students,  they will be a part of it. One of the students appearing on Homecoming Court this year is Senior Payton Hughes.  Many people hope to be on Homecoming Court and see it as an exciting opportunity to represent their school. “I was very excited not only because I get to dress up and look pretty, but I get to do it with...

Senior: Thomas

Sheridan Lucas, Community, Information and Agricultural Reporter

     It’s Homecoming week here at West Hardin and Thomas Peek is one senior out of the eight on  Homecoming Court.  “My first thought when I made homecoming court was probably surprised,” Peek said. This isn’t Thomas’s first year to be on the court. “This is my second year to make court,” said Peek.  Thomas is “very helpful and he’s always got that going...

Kade Brackin, Fine Arts Editor

Macy Browning is representing the senior girls along with Baelynn Fenton, Payton Hughes, and Terra Tanton For this year’s Homecoming Court. She was glad she made homecoming court. “I was very confused because I didn’t know how homecoming court worked, but I was excited,” Senior Macy Browning said. She plays softball for West Hardin, and she is very dedicated. She’s played ever since she was little. “I like it because I’ve always done it... and it’s something that I’m good...

Senior: Baelynn

Kimberlann Gilley, Business Manager

Baelynn Fenton is a senior on the 2019-2020 West Hardin Homecoming Court, and she is looking forward to representing her class.   "I am excited because it’s my senior year. I'm trying to make the most of everything this year because soon I’ll be graduating and going off to college,” Fenton said. She participates in multiple sports events. "I play volleyball and cheerleading at the moment....

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Junior: Gracelyn

This is Gracelyn’s 3rd time to be on Homecoming court, and she is excited to represent her junior class again. "I’m thankful that my classmates voted for me again,” said Gracelyn. Gracelyn participates in FFA where she shows rabbits and is on the radio team. She is in NHS, a member of student council, serves as class president, and is a cheerleader but she loves one thing the most.   “I’ve...

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Darren Dawkins, Community, Information and Agricultural Reporter

Zachary Bradley is representing the sophomore boys along with Kamden Browning. “I was excited when I heard that I was on it. I was also a little confused,” Bradley said. He also plays sports for West Hardin. “I play football and golf,” Bradley said. He has musical skills as well. Truly a guy of many talents. “I play guitar. I would probably say my favorite song is Stairway to Heaven. I just like it because it’s cool,” Bradley said. Bradley loves his family, and that’s...

Sophomore: Kaleigh

Kimberlann Gilley, Business Manager

Kaleigh White was one of the four sophomores chosen to represent their class on this year’s Homecoming Court.  “I’m super excited to represent my class,” White said. She competes in a very diverse group of activities. “ I do cheer, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, track and powerlifting,” White said.  There are 3 people she looks up to in her life: her mom, dad, and Bree...

Sophomore: Emee

Sam Payne, Editor-in-Chief

For the Sophomore girls, Varsity Cheerleader and Yearbook member Emily Houghton has been voted as a candidate for Homecoming Court.   “ I was excited and shocked, a bit of both,” Houghton said.  This isn't her first time around either, Houghton has appeared on court numerous times and is no stranger to the process.  “I was on court once last year,” Houghton said.  When asked...

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Braxton Poland, Sports Editor

Jake Loftin is a freshman, and he was picked along with Bryce Blanchard to represent the freshman boys on the 2019-2020 Homecoming Court.  “I was surprised when I heard that I got chosen for homecoming court,” Loftin said. Loftin enjoys many activities. “I play basketball, and I like to duck  hunt because it’s what I’m the best at,” Loftin said. Family is important to him. He looks up to his Grandpa Hank Loftin because “he was an all around good guy,” Loftin said.  So...

Charley Nugent was chosen for Homecoming Court to represent the freshman class. This is her first time ever to be picked for something this special before.  “ I was so excited being on homecoming court because I get to represent my class, “ said Nugent. Nugent enjoys many activities. “I like to play volleyball and I am a part of Girl Scouts. She enjoys activities where she can work with others. “In Girl Scouts, we all just work as a team. The reason I play volleyball is because...

Sophie Enloe, Sports Reporter

For this year’s Homecoming, Freshman Aniston Mosely has been voted to be on the Freshman Homecoming Court, and she is very enthusiastic about being able to represent her class.“I was super excited and was happy to represent the class of 2023,” Mosely said. Mosely participates in two sports, and she has been doing them for a while. “I do basketball and track,” Mosely said. Mosely is inspired by MBA basketball players. “I look up to all like the MBA basketball players because they  give...

Kade Brackin, Fine Arts Editor

Bryce Blanchard is representing the freshman class along with Jake Loftin. He’s 5’8’’ and he plays select baseball against 16 year-old teams as a 14 year-old. His favorite teacher is Ms. Renae Rose and his favorite subject is English. “I look up to my mom because she raised me,” Blanchard said. Blanchard is loved by many people because of his personality and charm. “He’s funny and caring… he’s a lovable person, he’s friendly and everyone likes him,” Freshman Charley...

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Charley Nugent is 14 years old and her birthday is on July 5. She is a freshman at West Hardin High School, and she is involved in volleyball, newspaper, and Girl Scouts. She is a senior in her Girl Scout troop and is working on getting her gold award, which is the highest ranking award that you can...

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