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Speech and Debate awards
Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief • October 13, 2021

The phone mandate
Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief • October 7, 2021

This year, Principal Christi Silcox established a rule that students must have their phones turned off and in their backpacks at all times. Some students are unhappy with the rule. After presiding over discipline at a different...

Homecoming court announced
Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief • September 25, 2021

Freshman homecoming court Duchesses- Arianna Carrillo Mikenzy Whitmire Dukes- Keaton Johnson Colt White Sophomore homecoming court Duchesses- Madison Ruffino Cadence Slankard Peyton Soto Dukes- Alex Burns Ray...

Welding competition in Newton, Texas
Remington Utton, Reporter • May 24, 2021

This past Friday, May 7, two welding teams met at the Ag shop at 5:30 a.m. to go to Newton, Texas with a gooseneck trailer loaded down with all the equipment needed for the welding contest. The contest lasts a total of 8 hours...

UIL academic results 2021
UIL academic results 2021
Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief • April 23, 2021

Trailer build winners
Remington Utton, Reporter • April 7, 2021

Four kids started cutting and welding metal together. Measuring out a  14’ by 84’’ mainframe out of 3/16’’ angle iron, and it was only uphill from there.  Since the metal had been cut,  the only thing left to do was...

Thoughts on the phone mandate; opinion-editorial
Alyscia Patton, Fine Arts Editor • October 11, 2021

The school instituted a new phone policy, stating that students can not have their phones out or use them during the instructional day. This...

P.E. should be offered; opinion-editorial
Maria Munguia, Reporter • October 11, 2021

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately one in every five teens, ages  12-18, suffers from at least one mental health...

New Texas abortion law unfair; opinion-editorial
Sydnee Smith, Reporter • October 4, 2021

A new law in Texas states that once you have been pregnant for six weeks, you may not have an abortion. This law came into effect on September...

The dress code: a student's perspective; opinion-editorial
Lavita Basham, Reporter • October 4, 2021

The dress code has become a huge issue, from the staff to the students. Before this year, the dress code wasn't as strict.  Last year, students...

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